I found some trees!

Although I live pretty much in the middle of a forest, most of it is plantation and is mainly long straight rows of pine trees. There are little pockets of wildness dotted about, but most of that is just densely packed thin spindly little things and not very photogenic.

Yesterday on my walk with the dogs, one of them decided to go exploring and insisted on taking a little trail that we’ve been past hundreds of times. It looked like it just went into a small clearing, so I’ve never gone down there. I was wrong. It led to an area of forest that I’ve been looking for for years!

This morning I took the camera for the first of many visits and got this shot…

I saw quite a few possibilities around here, but the light wasn’t quite right. There was one in particular that would have been amazing if the tree had been about 2m further back. Maybe in a few days… or maybe a few days ago

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