Revisiting the Lake District

I’ve still not been able to get out with the camera much this year. So, I thought I’d revisit some of my photos from my visit to the Lake District last year.

The first one was a photo that I took last year in the Lake District which I’d initially rejected because roughly a quarter of the frame at the bottom left was just grass with no real interest.

Sunrise at Sprinkling Tarn

Although it’s missing the sun rays which came out a little later on, I think that it helps to show more depth than the landscape orientation one which I originally selected. Plus it has some James Burns “strong diagonals”.

The second photo is from later that day and is a very similar to one which I originally posted. It’s actually the shot that I took before. The photo that I originally selected had an area on the left where the sun had come out, which I liked. However, I think that encouraged my to over saturate the photo to emphasise the warmth of the sunlight. This one is more natural.

Early morning at Styhead Tarn

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