A windy evening at Durdle Door

We headed out on holiday a couple of weeks ago.  The first few days were spent camping in Dorset, which was “interesting” due to some pretty high winds (I think over 40mph).  The first evening also had a cloudy flat sky, which I find difficult to photograph, although with some contrast adjustment it can appear quite dramatic.  I headed to Durdle Door despite this mainly to get some idea of where to go to get a good composition before taking the real photograph the following day.  The wind was so high that it was a struggle to get out of the car and walk down from the car park through all of the limestone dust.  Durdle Door is a popular photographic location and there are a few common compositions.  I decided on a composition taken near the footpath down to the beach.  With encouragement from YouTube photographer Chris Sale I set the camera up, held on tight to the tripod to stop it from blowing away and took this photograph:

Durdle Door

This is a composition of three images, one exposed for the sky, a long exposure of the land/sea and a short exposure of the sea (masked in around the door to show the choppiness of the sea).

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