Geoff MacDonald


I spent a few hours this morning porting the 6502 emulation code across and loading in the EPROMs. There was quite a bit of refactoring and optimisation, after which I was pleasantly surprised to see this happen… I’m not sure what the “PRINT ERROR” is for, but it worked!

Breathing New Life into the Microtan 65: Porting My Emulator to Linux

Remember the Microtan 65? It was my very first computer, and I have fond memories of tinkering with it. A couple of decades ago, I developed a Windows emulator for this classic machine. And now, I’ve decided it’s about time to bring that emulator to the Linux world. For those unfamiliar, the Microtan 65 was […]


Not a long post, but like many other people over the past few weeks, I spent a couple of the early hours today trying to get a photo of comet C/2020 F3, or Neowise to it’s friends. I was also looking after my poorly dog, so I just did it from the garden, and here […]

Airwolf theme cover

I recently had the urge to have a go at making a cover of the excellent Airwolf TV series theme tune. I used to watch the programme when I was a kid and loved both it and the music. So, I had a go at a version of the theme tune from memory. I now […]

I found some trees!

Although I live pretty much in the middle of a forest, most of it is plantation and is mainly long straight rows of pine trees. There are little pockets of wildness dotted about, but most of that is just densely packed thin spindly little things and not very photogenic. Yesterday on my walk with the […]

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