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A few days ago we got the first snow in this area in a couple of years.  As the snow doesn’t often last long enough in England to be a major concern, when it happens we are totally unprepared for it (I guess it’s cheaper to have people not show up for work for a […]

More Thetford Forest…

It was nice and misty this morning so I headed out to Thetford Forest in the hope of getting the nice moody misty shots that I’ve been wanting to get for a while now.  However, it turns out that it wasn’t very misty in the forest; just at home.  I got this one of a […]


The countryside has been bursting with snowdrops, so  I headed out at sunrise (the nice thing about winter is that doesn’t mean having to get up early!) to get some photos of a small patch nearby.  I wanted to get some photographs of some small patches caught in sunlight, and here they are…  

Grey skies

The weather so far this year has been pretty dull.  Nothing but flat grey skies, so it’s great for working on some woodland photography (although a bit of fog would have been good).  I managed to get time for a couple of walks around the forest and got these photos.  I’ve always found woodland photography […]

Turning Day into Night

Last weekend, I was watching some extras for the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away and it was showing the filming of one of the night scenes… in the day. I thought that I might see if i could try the same with a photograph. A few weeks ago I went out to take an early […]

Thetford Forest

It was the Sunday morning after the end of BST, so as I was awake anyway, I took a little drive into Thetford Forest, despite there being no fog or mist and too much low cloud for a decent sunrise. I’ve never been able to take any decent woodland photos and it’s something that I […]

Oxburgh Hall

We had a visit to Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk last weekend.  The Hall was built around 1482 by Sir Edmund Bedingfeld, and is a good example of a late medieval, inward-facing great house. It was a very windy day (30mph), and the clouds were moving quite quickly, so the first photograph that I took was an […]

Processing older photos


After uploading a few photos to Trover, I noticed a little line on my profile.  “Range”, it says referring to the distance between the photos.  A challenge!  I’ve been lucky enough to do the occasional bit of personal and work based travel around the world, so I thought I’d try to get my score up. […]

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