Geoff MacDonald

Turning Day into Night

Last weekend, I was watching some extras for the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away and it was showing the filming of one of the night scenes… in the day. I thought that I might see if i could try the same with a photograph. A few weeks ago I went out to take an early […]

Thetford Forest

It was the Sunday morning after the end of BST, so as I was awake anyway, I took a little drive into Thetford Forest, despite there being no fog or mist and too much low cloud for a decent sunrise. I’ve never been able to take any decent woodland photos and it’s something that I […]

Oxburgh Hall

We had a visit to Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk last weekend.  The Hall was built around 1482 by Sir Edmund Bedingfeld, and is a good example of a late medieval, inward-facing great house. It was a very windy day (30mph), and the clouds were moving quite quickly, so the first photograph that I took was an […]

Processing older photos


After uploading a few photos to Trover, I noticed a little line on my profile.  “Range”, it says referring to the distance between the photos.  A challenge!  I’ve been lucky enough to do the occasional bit of personal and work based travel around the world, so I thought I’d try to get my score up. […]

I joined Trover

After many hints from Brendan Van Son on his You Tube Channel, I joined Trover, which is a photography site with the motto “Great experiences trump just about anything you can buy in a store, and you know how to track ’em down”.  I’ve just been dumping quite a few photos on there, including some […]

Another misty morning

This morning wasn’t going to be an epic sunrise, but was nicely misty.  There’s a field of horses nearby and I thought they might make a nice photo in the mist.  So, out I headed to their field.  It was still a bit dark.  And misty.  And it’s a big field.  And so I spent quite […]

Early morning mist

It looks like we’ve skipped summer this year and gone straight from late spring into early autumn.  I checked the weather last night and it didn’t look like there would be much in the way of high cloud to get an epic sunrise so I wasn’t planning on going out.  However, I woke up at 4.45am, […]

An unplanned trip

I decided to catch the sunrise at Hunstanton Beach last week.  I’ve never been there before, so I did what planning I could using TPE, which was pretty much just determining which end of the beach to would be best to catch the sun. I left at 0430 and got to the car park a couple […]

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