Drone shots

I got a new tiny drone today.  My "old" drone is nice, but too big to take on walks if I take my camera as well.  This one's small enough to fit in the camera bag.  In an attempt to either tempt fate or get over my fear of flying it, I took a walk to the local church to get some photos.  This is the same place where I took the drone that I got as a birthday present last year and within 15 minutes, flew it into a tree.  About 30m off the ground.  Where it stayed until the next day when a tree surgeon came to take it down for me.

Since then, I've always felt a bit tense whenever I fly the thing and this feeling is still there with the new one, so I didn't fly anywhere near any trees!

The new drone's got a nice panorama feature.  It will automatically take 9 photos and stitch them together.  This is one of the church, taken just before noon, so the light isn't ideal.


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