A few days ago we got the first snow in this area in a couple of years.  As the snow doesn’t often last long enough in England to be a major concern, when it happens we are totally unprepared for it (I guess it’s cheaper to have people not show up for work for a few days every few years than to invest in snow ploughs or even road gritters).  So, the main road between the village and civilisation was pretty much unusable for most of the time; mainly due to lorries jackknifing.  I was therefore only able to get photos of places in walking distance.  I got a few, but these are my two favourites.  The top one is taken near the local church and I particularly like the colour and texture of the trees in the distance…

The second is one of a lone tree that I’ve taken before.

I converted this one in to monochrome, as it pretty much was to start with and I found the slight colour distracting.