Thetford Forest

It was the Sunday morning after the end of BST, so as I was awake anyway, I took a little drive into Thetford Forest, despite there being no fog or mist and too much low cloud for a decent sunrise.

I’ve never been able to take any decent woodland photos and it’s something that I want to be able to do, so I used this as a bit of a reconnaissance trip for when the conditions are a bit better.

There are quite a few tricky things with woodland photography is finding a good subject such as an interesting tree or bush, separating it from the background, which is why it’s better to have some fog or mist and exposing the subject which is always quite dark without seriously over exposing the sky.

I drove along a road through the forest where there are a number of places to pull in, so I looked for one near an interesting bit of forest and stopped about 20 minutes before sunrise then had a wander.  I saw quite a few areas that looked very pretty, but not much that would make a nice photograph, maybe with some fog it would have been different.  I eventually came across a nice tree which had turned nicely autumnal against a background of trees which were still green and this separated the tree from the background somewhat.  As there was a reasonable amount of sky in the photograph, I used a graduated filter to darken it by a couple of stops, which helps with over exposing the sky.

I then found an area with a tree and again, the leaves on this tree had turned nicely autumnal.  The sun was also hitting it through gaps in the forest, so the leaves were bright and stood out against the rest of the forest.  It wasn’t until I took a look at the photograph at home that I spotted a nice bag of dog poo that someone had thoughtfully left hanging off one of the branches.  Luckily, Lightroom is pretty good at being able to remove stuff like that!

The last photo was of a small oak (I think) tree next to a birch.  Although both the tree and the background were all green, this one was illuminated by direct sunlight and it stood out against a quite dark background.

After that, I headed back home and had a nap for an hour!