It’s been a while

Yeah… Nearly two years if the timestamps are to be believed.  I’ve not done much music, mainly started things that sound interesting, but not finished much.  I have been out with my camera a bit more and I’m trying to do more planned photos and fewer snapshots.  I’ve added a couple of photography links (Instagram and “Shots Of Community“).
We went on a trip to Horsey to see a seal colony.  The seals come ashore between November and February to give birth.  Obviously, you have to be careful not to disturb the seals during this time, their wellbeing is much more important than any photograph.
The cows feed the pups milk for their first three weeks, after which the cows return to the water.  The pups stay on land and don’t feed for a few weeks, during which time their white fur moults and they get a waterproof coat.  When they start to get hungry, they go to the water to catch fish.  It’s particularly important to leave the seals undisturbed during this time as a frightened pup could enter the territory of a bull and get killed.
As we have a couple of quite vocal dogs, we had to keep them away from the beach, which was easy as there are sand dunes that they can stay on the other side of.  Photos were taken using a zoom lens so we didn’t get too close.

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