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Airwolf theme cover

I recently had the urge to have a go at making a cover of the excellent Airwolf TV series theme tune. I used to watch the programme when I was a kid and loved both it and the music. So, I had a go at a version of the theme tune from memory. I now […]

I found some trees!

Although I live pretty much in the middle of a forest, most of it is plantation and is mainly long straight rows of pine trees. There are little pockets of wildness dotted about, but most of that is just densely packed thin spindly little things and not very photogenic. Yesterday on my walk with the […]

A little music

One of my favourite pieces of music is Tangerine Dream’s White Eagle/Girl on the Stair and I decided to have a go at making a cover version of it, and here it is… White Eagle Cover

Revisiting the Lake District

I’ve still not been able to get out with the camera much this year. So, I thought I’d revisit some of my photos from my visit to the Lake District last year. The first one was a photo that I took last year in the Lake District which I’d initially rejected because roughly a quarter […]

Thornham Old Harbour, Norfolk

Firstly, a confession.  I haven’t actually had my camera out since the visit to the Lake District six months ago.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I suspect that the trips to Dorset, Cornwall and the Lake District spoiled me a bit.  It’s been very difficult to find inspiration in the flat landscape where I Iive.  I’ve […]

Sprinkling Tarn

The main reason for the weekend trip to the Lake District was to catch sunset and sunrise at Sprinkling Tarn.  After leaving Chris at Tarn Hows, we got ourselves some breakfast/lunch, drove to Seathwaite and started walking.  There were a lot more cars there than I expected but, luckily, we managed to get parked right at […]

Tarn Hows

Last weekend, I went on a long-planned hike and camp from Seathwaite to Sprinkling Tarn with my daughter, Sophie.  The original plan was to make the trip in May/June, but for many reasons, that didn’t happen.  We have had a long and very hot summer this year, but it’s been quite cold for the past few […]


Mevagissey is a small village and fishing port to the south of St Austell, Cornwall.  Tourism has taken over from fishing as the main industry in recent years, consequently, the village centre is mainly tourist shops and places to eat and the harbour is busy with a mix of pleasure vessels and working fishing boats. […]

Rinsey Cove

Rinsey cove is a small beach with some sand at low tide.  When I was there, the tide was high at sunset, so I set up my camera on some rocks.  The sky was clear of clouds, so I selected a long lens and zoomed into an area where the waves were crashing on rocks.  The […]

St Michael’s Mount

The iconic St Michael’s Mount is a small tidal island in Mount’s Bay, Cornwall, England. It is linked to the town of Marazion by a man-made causeway which is passable between mid and low tide.  I only took one photograph while I was there, which I’m not too happy with, but I think I know […]

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